Laser Hair Removal: Method, Effectiveness, Feedback

Laser hair removal: method, effectiveness, feedback

The method of laser hair removal is based on the destructive effect of the laser beam on the hair follicle. In this case, melanin, which is contained in the hair bulb, absorbs the laser radiation, heats up and collapses. Moreover, laser radiation does not affect melanin, which is contained in the skin tissues, and thus does not affect any important functions of the cells. The procedure for laser hair removal is contraindicated for allergies, atopic dermatitis or eczema. There are no other contraindications. This method of epilation can be used on absolutely any type of skin, regardless of the degree of its pigmentation, and on any parts of the body: face, arms, legs and intimate area.

To remove hair through laser hair removal, it is necessary to carry out 3 to 8 procedures, depending on the skin area and type of hair. For example, dark hair is amenable to destruction much lighter than light, and the most difficult to remove a simple fluff and gray hair. To maintain the effect, it will be necessary to repeat the procedure once a year.

Laser hair removal, provided that quality equipment is used, is practically painless. The laser beam usually has no effect on the skin itself, except for a slight dryness, which is rare.

Minus the laser epil, it`s worth it. There are also negative reviews: for example, some women complained of soreness or even burns after applying this method. But, according to experts, this is most likely the result of using poor quality or obsolete equipment for epilation. Experts recommend that when choosing this method of epilation, pay attention to the equipment that is used in the salon or clinic where the procedure will be performed, so that cooling of the skin is necessarily used. It is better to turn to time-tested salons and clinics, which use high-quality equipment that meets all modern standards.

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