Learning to survive in the metropolis!

Learning to survive in a metropolis!

The organism of a woman permanently residing in a large city will not be envied. Smog, stress at work, unbelievable emotional stress, domestic chores – in the end, by the evening, she feels exhausted and embarrassed … But tomorrow does not give a respite and there is a feeling of”squirrels in the wheel.” How not to fall out of the cage and not become a victim of circumstances?

Be balanced – take care of your nerves. Nervous breakdowns and stresses are the main problems of the 21st century. Conflicts with superiors, running along the career ladder, a load of responsibility and the desire to use the nervous system to the maximum. There is a feeling of chronic fatigue, emptiness, a desire to stop the running of time? Take a minute for yourself! Close your eyes and sit in silence in the heat of the day. Gather your thoughts. After a short respite, you will regain your clarity of thinking, and most everyday problems seem easy to solve.

Appreciate the time. Residents of megacities are always small. On the road home every day takes several hours, endlessly standing in traffic jams – aimlessly. When you get home closer to the night, you just want one thing – to go to bed as soon as possible. To solve this problem, engage in time management: competently manage your time. Try to do all the hard work in the morning, do not delay anything for tomorrow or the next weekend and do not take on other people`s duties.

The right choice of cosmetics for a metropolitan woman is a guarantee of beauty for many years. The ecology of the megalopolis does not have the best effect on the skin. Early wrinkles appear on it, its condition and appearance worsen. For a day, pores are clogged with mud, so buy a remedy for deep cleansing. Lifebuoy will be a cream to combat the signs of fatigue. Apply it in the morning as a make-up base, and the skin will get a fresh, rested look.

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