Legs to the summer: 3 main means

Feet to the fly: 3 main tools

“Cleaning” means

It is necessary to take care of the legs as well as the skin of the face, paying special attention to cleansing and moisturizing. If a full pedicure we do once a month, it is advisable to lightly exfoliate the feet at home regularly, 2-3 times a week, to maintain the salon effect. In this case, daily foot scrubs will be useful. They gently and delicately remove all unnecessary and help prepare the feet for further care. In addition, soft scrubs can be used instead of foot soap – cleansing and peeling-effect simultaneously. As for nail files and pumice stones, these products may not be suitable for everyone. Use them with caution. The fact is that they act quite aggressively and as a result of treatment with pumice stones, the skin quickly becomes coarse. The need for a subsequent pedicure appears faster.

Socks for peeling

An excellent tool for the care of the skin of the feet will be socks for a pedicure with a special composition. One of the most famous – Japanese pedicure socks SOSU, which became the progenitors of a whole sphere of home foot peeling. Among the active components of socks SOSU – lactic and hyaluronic acid, perfectly complementing each other`s action. The first perfectly exfoliates the keratinized cells, the second – intensively moisturizes the skin. Extracts of sage, burdock and ivy in the composition of socks have a calming, tonic effect and prevent skin irritation. The effect of pedicure socks lasts up to two months, and the method of application is simple: it is worth putting them on for only 1-2 hours, and in three days the process of exfoliating the rough skin will begin. On the 5th day, the skin of the feet is completely renewed, it will become soft and velvety, and corns and corns are much less.

Soft touch

Solve the problem of dry skin of feet and cope with cracks under the power of creams and lotions with a nutrient basis. Choose the best foods with arnica oil, karite, aloe vera juice and vitamin E. If squalene is present in the cream, then the hydration will be twice as effective. One of the secrets of rapid moistening of feet is to spread them with cream overnight and put on socks. In the morning the feet will be rested and smooth.

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