Lipstick for brunettes

Lipstick for brunettes

Women`s lips always require a special approach – careful care and quivering care. Well-groomed lips, painted with a suitable shade of lipstick, look seductive and like a magnet attract men`s looks.

Regarding the choice of the color of lipstick, the owners of dark hair were more lucky than any other women. After all, brunettes can not limit themselves in bright and rich colors, and use them boldly, without fear of looking vulgar or rude at the same time. It should also take into account the fact that, in the opinion of most men, it is better for brunettes to avoid the expressionless pastel shades, as they deprive the brunettes of their brightness and make them look unimpressive.

But the color of the hair alone can not be determined by the choice of lipstick color, it is necessary to take into account both the shade of the skin and the color of the eyes. However, in any case, the choice of brunettes should be bright and saturated colors.

So, for women with black hair, dark brown or black eyes and tanned skin, ruby ​​or pink lipstick of a rich shade will be an excellent choice. If the girl prefers not lipstick, but lip gloss, then you should use a colorless shine and a red shade. For evening make-up, lipstick of dark red or crimson color is suitable.

Brunettes with dark skin and dark or green eyes, whose hair is not black, and dark chestnut can use a dark pink or coral lipstick for daytime makeup. In the evening, it is better to make up lips plum or red-brown lipstick.

For girls with fair skin, dark eyes and dark hair, it is better to choose a light pink color as the daytime variant. In the evening, an excellent option will be a red or cherry tint.

Of course, the above recommendations are not a mandatory option, but, based on them, you can always choose the shade of lipstick that will suit you.

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