Lipstick for redheads

Lipstick for redheads

Going for the purchase of lipstick, red girls need to know some rules that will allow them to purchase the right product.

Pink lipsticks

If the girl has dark orange, copper or reddish-red hair, lipstick of pink shades will do. Women with a rich red head of hair are ideally suited for peach, salmon and coral lipstick colors, which will accentuate the hair color.

Red lipsticks

Red lipstick, undoubtedly, is a highlight of any image, but it needs to be used from time to time. Red-haired girls need to be especially responsible in choosing this shade. As a rule, you need to choose the color closest to the natural color of the hair. For example, girls with red-red hair will approach a scarlet shade of lipstick. With copper hair will successfully blend red with shades of copper.

Brown lipsticks

Also, red-haired beauties will face lipsticks of brown hues, such as cinnamon and terracotta. But what redheads should be avoided is a bright brown lipstick, as they will not be able to emphasize their natural beauty. They visually make the lips heavier.

Red-haired girls often face a choice in favor of buying matte or glossy lipstick. In any case, shiny lipsticks will emphasize the shine of the hair and make the makeup alive.

In the face makeup of the face, red-haired girls need to follow several rules. The tonal cream and powder should be neutral colors that are as close as possible to the color of the skin. Blush is better to use pink tones. For eye makeup, you should choose terracotta, emerald, violet or neutral eye shadow, brown eye pencil and ink of similar color. To give the person a tanned golden shade will help bronzing powder with flickering particles.

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