Lymphatic drainage massage for face

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

Lymphatic drainage facial massage is designed to create a lymph drainage, resulting in faster metabolism in the skin cells, tissues are beginning to be updated, and the withdrawal of waste substances is faster. Edema disappears, wrinkles gradually become barely noticeable, the complexion noticeably improves. If we consider lymphatic drainage as one of the types of massage, then it has all the advantages of this method of relaxation – restores good health, relaxes muscles and fills tissues with energy.

The massage session begins with complete relaxation, for which the patient is offered to take a comfortable pose in the chair of the cosmetology room. The masseur lubricates the hands with special cosmetic oils that differ from others with a high content of vitamin E. The face begins with light stroking movements from the bottom up. Hands move wavy, slightly touching and sliding over the skin of the face.

The next series of moves is pressure. Especially not zealous, the cosmetician makes movements on massage lines and performs superficial lymphatic drainage. The final stage is the impact on the deep layers of the skin in order to achieve a vigorous contraction of the smooth muscles of the face. All the movements of the hands are performed in accordance with the directions of the movement of the lymph, after all, this technique of facial massage is based on the principle of purifying the lymph flow and stimulating the elimination of the liquid.

A person conducting a lymphatic drainage massage session should have an idea of ​​the structure of the human body and the peculiarities of the location of the lymph nodes. Without this knowledge, the effectiveness of massage movements will be zero.

Like all types of massage, lymphatic drainage has its contraindications. You can not conduct a session if the skin has even minor damage in the form of scratches, inflammations, ulcers, etc. Skin, which has traces of couperose, can not be massaged, so as not to cause blood flow to the face and not aggravate the already existing problem.

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