Masks for the elasticity of the skin of the face

Masks for the elasticity of the skin of the face

How to make skin elastic with gymnastics

First, note: the lost elasticity of the face skin and the body can be returned. Of course, this will have to be spent time and effort, because from one mask there will not be an instant result, but with due perseverance and with the help of our advice you will definitely achieve your goal. The very first advice is also the easiest – to do physical exercises. You can immediately brush it off, they say, it`s a long time, not serious, and in general you do not have time to do them. Meanwhile, gymnastics, regular physical exercises and fitness are exactly what we need, and our skin. They will help us to cheer up and wake up, blood circulation will improve, which means that the flow of oxygen and nutrients will increase. As a result – the skin will return to tone, it will become freshened and supple. Therefore, if you are concerned with the question of how to make the skin supple, then first of all, do at least light gymnastics.

There is another very effective, but unfortunately, a little used by women to return the elasticity of the face skin . This is the so-called face-aerobics, the main advantage of which is that it can be done at home, at work, and during a trip to the car. In a word, anywhere. So, the exercises themselves:

• For the elasticity of the chin and neck. Straighten your back, head your head back, look at the ceiling. Lips close, and start making chewing movements, so that the muscles of the neck and chin begin to work intensively. Such an exercise must be repeated at least 20 times.
• For the elasticity of the cheeks. First, forcefully pull in the cheeks, hold this position for 10 seconds, and then inflate them, and in this condition, keep them the same time. The exercise must be repeated 10 times.
• For the elasticity of the lips. Look straight ahead, close your lips. Smile broadly, keeping your lips closed. This smile needs to be kept for 5 seconds, then tighten your lips and make a”kiss”, which also needs to be kept for 5 seconds.
• For the elasticity of the forehead. Bring your eyebrows together, frown hard. Open your eyes wide and raise your eyebrows as high as possible. This exercise should be repeated 5-10 times.
• For the elasticity of the eyelids. Keep your head still, start lifting and lowering your eyes. Repeat 10 times. Then do the same exercise, but only to the side: first look to the right, then to the left.

These are very easy and simple exercises, but with regular execution they help restore the elasticity of the facial skin. Want to see for yourself? So start doing them right now!

How to make the skin elastic with water procedures

After active physical exercises it is useful to take a contrast shower, which is very effective for the skin: the skin becomes more beautiful, fresh, becomes softer and more elastic. The contrast shower helps to restore the elasticity of the face skin and the body. Speaking of the body. If you want your skin to become more taut and smooth, then during a shower, do a light massage with a medium-hard brush. In a month you will simply be amazed when you see the result: smooth and tight skin of the body and elastic face skin. After the shower, the skin needs to be well moistened: vegetable oils can help you (you can read about them in the magazine JustLady), or a light moisturizer.

How to make the skin elastic with masks

When the skin begins to fade, this process helps to stop the masks for the elasticity of the facial skin. As a rule, these masks have astringent effect, and with regular application the face becomes noticeably fresh and the skin becomes smoother. In addition, facial elasticity masks additionally nourish and protect the skin. In short, their benefits are obvious. And home masks are no less effective than purchased ones. Remember one thing: masks that are not specifically designed for eyelids, can not be applied to the skin around the eyes, otherwise you risk the opposite effect.

• Olive oil. It is known for its nutritional properties, but in addition it helps to make the skin supple and fresh. Try on time to replace your cream with vegetable oil, and after a while you will notice the obvious difference – the skin will look much better than after the cream.
• 1 tbsp. mix oatmeal with 1 tbsp. honey and milk. Apply mask on face, doing light massage on massage lines.
• Gelatin perfectly helps restore skin elasticity. 15 g of gelatin, pour a glass of water, add 1 tsp. lemon and glycerin. Apply the mixture on face for 15 minutes.
• An excellent effect is provided by masks made from yolk, honey and butter. Mix 1 egg yolk with vegetable oil (peach, apricot, almond, olive, castor, sesame, grape seed), and 1 tsp. honey. Blend well with a creamy consistency and apply for 15 minutes on face.
• There is still such mask for the elasticity of the skin of the face : 2 yolks to grind with 1 tbsp of glycerin and 1 tbsp. honey. Blend the mixture on the face and neck. Wash off after 15 minutes.

Apparently, there are many effective ways to restore skin elasticity and youth. The main thing – do not give up, referring to the fact that with age you can not argue. Do not be afraid to destroy these stereotypes !

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