Meet: cosmetics from Germany

Meet: cosmetics from Germany

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Cosmetics from Germany. Dr.Hauschka

The history of the brand begins in 1935, when Dr. Rudolf Housushka founded the cosmetics company WALA. A few years later, the doctor … fell in love with beautician Elizabeth Sigmund, who offered the doctor many ideas for skin care. Thanks to their creative tandem and appeared in 1962, Dr.Hauschka cosmetics.

Today the company specializes in the production of cosmetic products for skin care based on natural ingredients. As a part of production only natural raw materials and medicinal herbs. In the rating of the naturalness of cosmetic products, compiled a few years ago by the results of research on the production of world brands, Dr.Hauschka`s cosmetics are among the top ten.

A distinctive feature of the company`s waste products is that manufacturers do not divide it by skin types. Cosmetic means act on the skin as a single organism, supporting its natural biological rhythms.

Another area of ​​activity of Dr.Hauschka is decorative cosmetics. Powder, blush, lipstick and other products are made on the basis of herbs, they not only adorn, but also perform protective functions, help to emphasize the natural charm.

Cosmetics from Germany. Sans Soucis

The brand is due to Walter Friedman, who founded the beauty salon in 1939, named it in honor of the castle in which he lived at the time. Since 1945, the production of cosmetic products of this brand for world markets began.

At the heart of the uhodovaya cosmetics is the use of natural ingredients. In the company`s own laboratories, the effect of these or other preparations on the structure and condition of the skin is constantly studied.

Sans Soucis was the first company in the world to market cosmetics with the regenerating complex Repair Complex, which was opened shortly before, which protects the skin from photoaging.

Sans Soucis laboratories regularly work on creating new drugs. In the company`s arsenal, the development of a substance from soybeans, the use of thermal water from the sources of Baden-Baden, a concentrate from wrinkles with ginkgo and many others.

Cosmetics for skin care, as well as a decorative line is popular all over the world, thanks to high quality, constant renewal of products, efficiency of new developments. Even the world leader in the cosmetic industry, France, recognizes the Sans Soucis brand as a pioneer in the field of progressive cosmetics.

Cosmetics from Germany. JANSSEN Cosmeceutical

Founding fathers Walter Janssen and Ronald Sacher laid the foundation stone for the brand in the West German town of Aachen, famous for its thermal springs. The first line of cosmetics, released in 1997, made a furor in the world market and immediately won recognition in many countries.

At the heart of the company`s products are natural extracts of plants and algae combined with the latest developments in biotechnology. The main direction is the solution of specific problems: aging, couperose, micro-inflammations and other defects.

The effectiveness of cosmetics JANSSEN Cosmeceutical is very high, and the main role here is the principle of combining the direction of cosmetology and pharmaceutics (cosmeceutics), which is used in the creation of products.

Today, the company offers cosmetics for face and body care, men`s cosmetics and luxury care. The professional and SPA-line of the brand is in great demand.

Cosmetics from Germany. BIODROGA SYSTEMS

The offices, production and laboratories of the company are located in Baden-Baden, where the products that are in demand all over the world are produced. For the first time the world learned about the new brand in 1959 at the cosmetology congress in Lucerne. Since that moment BIODROGA SYSTEMS cosmetics has gained popularity and recognition all over the world.

In the production of cosmetics, the company uses natural biologically active ingredients and medicinal thermal waters, which are extracted from a depth of more than 1.5 km. Thanks to the last component, BIODROGA SYSTEMS cosmetics are enriched with natural minerals and trace elements, which care for and maintain skin health.

The main direction of the company is professional cosmetics, which can be purchased in high-class beauty salons, hotels and SPA-centers of”Lux” class.

Another distinguishing feature of the brand`s products is the use of rare drugs, hypoallergenicity, the possibility of using it for hardware procedures.

The company produces lines of cosmetics for skin care of face and body, including age and problem, men`s and SPA-line, special products and concentrates.

Cosmetics from Germany. BABOR

Dr. Babor took the first steps to founding the company in 1955, having patented the newest means for deep cleansing of the skin. A year after the appearance on the market, in 1956, the history of the world brand in the luxury segment BABOR begins.

The popularity of the company`s funds is explained by the use of the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology, natural herbs that are supplied from environmentally friendly areas, the effectiveness of products, which is determined by the participation of make-up artists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons in the development.

At the heart of the product – natural natural ingredients, high degree of purification and quality, a minimum of preservatives, complete rejection of silicone and mineral oils. BABOR care products are hypoallergenic and pH neutral.

The company specializes in the production of professional skin care products. It is a cleansing and rejuvenating lines, cosmetics for men, SPA cosmetics. A special series”Doctor Babor” is aimed at correction of skin imperfections, including age, as well as stimulation of regeneration processes after cosmetic operations.

Decorative cosmetics BABOR is developed in co-authorship with one of the world-class specialists, make-up artist Peter Schmidinger. The line has gained worldwide popularity thanks to a combination of luxurious colors and the latest technology of skin care.

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