Methods of using baking soda for cosmetic needs

Ways of using baking soda for cosmetic needs


The easiest way to make hair shiny, to rid the scalp of excess fat and sebum – add a little soda to the shampoo. Wash your head in the usual way, just mix the usual shampoo with soda (a tablespoon). You can prepare a soda cleaner for washing hair – two tablespoons of soda dilute with hot water (one glass), cool a little and use it instead of shampoo. Rinse hair with acidified water (use apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or acid). This tool can be used to give hair shine and treat the oily seborrhea of ​​the scalp.


You can achieve whiteness of teeth with ordinary soda – dip a wet toothbrush into powder and several times go through the teeth, cleaning them from plaque. If you want to achieve a whitening effect, mix hydrogen peroxide with soda. To disappear the smell from the mouth, you need several times a day to rinse your mouth with a water soda solution (a teaspoon of 200 ml).


Home treatment of pimply skin prone to the rapid formation of inflamed acne, includes the implementation of”soda” procedures. Prepare a mixture of fine salt and soda, dip into it a piece of damp sponge or the edge of a wet towel – lightly rub the ingredients into the places of the accumulation of gums. This method should be used when there are no major inflammations and it is necessary to get rid of the gums. If acne has already appeared, then gently rub the skin with a cotton swab soaked in soda.

Add the soda to the gel for washing – pour a little soda into the palm, add detergent, foam the composition and apply to the face. Soda gives the gel the properties of scrub, gently removes the exfoliated particles.

Soda neutralizes unpleasant odors, so it is considered a natural remedy against excessive sweating of the feet, arms and armpits. Prepare a bath with warm water, stir in it soda and lower your legs there for twenty minutes. After the bath, the heels should be rubbed with pumice stone (soda softens softly coarsened fabrics), wipe dry and treat with baby talc. The same procedure can be arranged for the hands. Clean armpits are recommended to lubricate with a moist soda solution once a day.

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