Michael Kors refused from natural fur

In the ranks of”green” designers, another loud replenishment.

Michael Kors abandoned natural fur


Already in the spring collection of Michael Kors in 2018 there is not a single fur garment. And this is the designer who is known all over the world for his beautiful fur coats and generally skilful work and bold experiments with natural fur. And the thing is that from the new year Michael Kors will not use fur in his collections. The ban also applies to the brand Jimmy Choo, which the American company bought in July this year.

Michael Kors Collection autumn-winter 2017

Recall that the last loud refusal to use natural furs was the decision of Gucci, adopted by the Italian house in October. In the”green” camp are also Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

“New technologies allow us to create truly luxurious things and without using natural fur,” Michael Kors commented on his decision. – How – we will demonstrate at the upcoming show in February.”

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