Milk peeling

Milk peeling

Milk peeling refers to the category of chemical peelings. About chemical peelings are said quite a lot in various women`s forums. Reviews are highly ambiguous. Someone is choking with delight, someone is very disappointed. However, in defense of this procedure, the JustLady women`s site recalls that chemical peeling is a serious procedure that can cause irreversible skin changes. Especially if it is hypersensitive. Therefore, if you want to return a healthy complexion, smoothness and youth – try to use milk pilling . It is recommended for acne, unevenness and redness, with hypersensitive skin, skin prone to allergies, flabbiness, loss of tone, with a lot of fine wrinkles.

Lactic acid peeling is almost the ideal initial procedure, when we are ready to take the first steps to a more serious skin care and surrender to the hands of professionals. Lactic acid, which is part of these pilling, acts very gently and delicately: removes dead skin cells, thus stimulating metabolic processes and collagen production, causing the skin to produce new cells. Lactic acid is not a supernova compound, which was invented by some Einstein, it is an absolutely natural component, natural and native – the effect of this acid on the body we observe after each workout: muscles ache because lactic acid is slowly eliminated from the tissues. Therefore, peeling with lactic acid will not become stress for the skin and will not cause a violent reaction of protest, moreover, after applying the peeling the skin will become moisturized and beautiful.

peeling with lactic acid has one very serious advantage over other peelings – it completely eliminates the appearance of allergies. After the procedure, the face does not swell and the skin does not crack, so it is not possible to get out of the house, as happens when peeling with phenol. Remember Samantha in the movie”Sex and the City” after the chemical polling? Yes, after this week it is necessary to walk in a veil or hat with a veil. That is why, milk peeling is more preferable if you need to quickly bring your skin in order, without causing complications.

Lactic acid works quite simply: when peeling on the face, neck, decalta zone or other places, it penetrates into the epidermis and starts to remove the keratinized skin, relieves inflammation, smooths the relief, brightens the foci of pigmentation, stimulates the production of new cells and collagen.

Milk peeling does not overdry the skin, increasing its protective functions. It is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin, as it perfectly hydrates it. The procedure lasts about 15 minutes and does not cause discomfort. In order to solve all skin problems, about 5 procedures are needed – maybe less, but it depends on the skin condition of the face. Procedures are carried out in stages, after a couple of weeks. At this time it is very important to protect your face from direct sunlight. And completely follow the recommendations of the doctor-cosmetologist for facial care.

Lactic acid is present in a small amount in many creams and lotions for the care of face and hands. You can try to prepare milk peeling and at home. For the preparation of lotions, lactic acid can be used 1%, and for house masks – 4%. But you will not see a strong effect, although the skin will look better.

The fact is that in the cosmetology rooms use lactic acid of a higher concentration – up to 90%. Milk peeling is considered the most sparing among the family of chemical peelings, but there are contraindications to it: it can not be done during the period of exacerbation of herpes rashes, after epilation, if on the face pronounced inflammatory processes. The cosmetologist will most likely offer to postpone the procedure, until the causes of inflammation are eliminated, and prescribe a course of skin treatment.

But if the skin changes are very serious: deep wrinkles, flabbiness, colloid scars – then lactic acid peeling is unlikely to help you. This requires a more serious impact and the cosmetologist will surely tell you about it.

In general, at leisure, treat yourself and your skin not only with peelings, but also with ordinary milk baths. They perfectly preserve beauty and youth, allowing themselves to feel the true beauty queen, like the legendary Cleopatra. Yes, and the usual washing in the morning with milk, too, will give results, may not as fast as peeling with lactic acid, but it will. The women`s magazine JustLady has always been sure that systematic and diligent work will necessarily lead to an excellent result, and wishes you to always remain as you are – beautiful, confident and … forever young.

Natalia Toropova
Women`s magazine JustLady

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