Mittens and gloves: what and when

Mittens and gloves: what when and with what

      Gloves almost always look stylish with classic clothes. Leather and suede gloves of standard cut perfectly fit to a coat, jacket or jacket in a strict style. Great they will look and with a fur coat, competently beating this chic outerwear.

You do not have to choose only traditional black and brown tones. Let the gloves be a bright detail of the image, on which you can make an accent. The main thing – to choose the right shade. Brunettes dressed in dark-colored outer clothing, for example, are perfectly suited for red, lilac or emerald gloves.

Also, gloves will look good with clothes in the style of”kazhual.” Original and unusual things can be supplemented with no less interesting gloves that can be of non-standard length or cut. But even here you need to be able to withstand the style and make only a few original and vivid accents.

High leather gloves perfectly fit to the outer clothing, which has slightly shortened sleeves. In this image, you will get harmony, and your hands will be warm and cozy. With lighter things, it`s better to wear fabric and short gloves.

You can also choose lace gloves for a certain image. For example, to the spring wardrobe. But you need to be very careful with them – you just have to step back a little from the style, and the appearance can turn out to be vulgar. Also, in any case, you can not wear jewelry over gloves.

Mittens stylish and fashionable will look with popular for today down jackets. Particularly beautiful is an accessory, if it is hand-knitted, and it has a beautiful and unusual pattern. And if you pick up a knitted scarf or hat, it will be even more interesting.

But the mittens must also be able to combine with the shoes. It is unlikely that the image will be stylish if you add gloves to elegant boots on a thin hairpin. But the warm and comfortable ugg boots will be just right.

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