Moisturizing for dry skin of the body

Moisturizing for dry skin of the body

      First, we should take into account the fact that dry skin categorically does not tolerate hot water. Therefore, it is recommended to refrain from taking a hot bath, take only a warm shower. Washing components of gels and shampoos in combination with hot water are quite aggressive for the skin, increase its dryness. This rule also applies to washing hands.

Perhaps the cause of dry skin is a lack of vitamins. Pick a vitamin and mineral complex in the pharmacy that is designed for your problem skin. Vitamin E is considered a powerful antioxidant, helping to prevent premature aging of the skin of the body and face. Include in the diet products with a high content of this vitamin: broccoli, bran, peanuts, beef liver, sea buckthorn, vegetable oils, almonds and sunflower seeds, eggs, cherries and mountain ash.

Dry skin needs constant moisturizing. To do this, use lotions or creams, which should be applied to the body after each wash, you can use baby oil. Moisturizers work much more effectively after peeling off the keratinized particles of the epidermis. Therefore, it is recommended to cleanse your skin once a week with a mild scrub, for this purpose you can use ground coffee, sugar or salt. During bathing, apply a small amount of shower gel on the palm and mix with a small amount of exfoliating particles. Then, in a circular motion of hands rub the problem areas of the body and rinse with lukewarm water.

Twice a week, pamper your skin with moisturizing masks. Please note that for the nutrition and moisturizing of the skin, products that contain saturated fatty acids are not suitable. Dry skin requires substances that are close in composition to lipid epidermis – unsaturated fatty acids (gamma-linoleic, linolenic, ceramides, cholesterol and arachnidone).

For dry skin is useful bath with the addition of milk and honey. To cook it, heat one liter of fresh cow`s milk in a water bath and add 200 grams of honey. All carefully mix and pour a couple of tablespoons of almond oil. Pour the prepared composition into a bath filled with warm water. Lie for fifteen minutes.

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