Moisturizing masks for the skin around the eyes

Moisturizing masks for the skin around the eyes

      The skin around the eyes needs constant care and moisturizing masks, which will help to preserve youth for a long time. Take one small potato, wash under running water and peel. Scrub the tuber on a fine grater and add the crushed parsley greens (you can use a blender for this). The resulting gruel wrap in a double layer of gauze and attach to the eyes. After fifteen minutes, remove the mask and wash with lukewarm water, apply a light moisturizing cream around the eyes.

Parsley is widely used in modern cosmetology, it contains a large amount of vitamin C, potassium, carotene, phosphorus and magnesium. In addition, parsley has toning and whitening properties, increases blood circulation. But at the same time it acts very delicately and gently, which is exactly what the sensitive skin of the eyelids needs.

To prepare a moisturizing mask for the skin around the eyes, you will need parsley greens. Wash the greens thoroughly and chop in a blender or cut it finely with a knife, mix with a tablespoon of fatty sour cream. The resulting composition is applied to the area around the eyes and from above cover with cosmetic discs. Alternating twenty-thirty minutes, wash the parsley mask with warm water. The effect will pleasantly surprise you – the tumescence will drop, the skin will tighten and fine wrinkles will disappear. It is recommended to use this mask once a week to moisturize the skin.

Honey masks perfectly moisturize the skin around the eyes. Mix one tablespoon of thick cream or sour cream with honey flower, add a small amount of olive oil. Apply the resulting formulation to the eyelid area and leave for twenty minutes. Then remove the mask with warm water without soap or a cotton swab dipped in milk (so the skin will become even more tender). After using the honey mask, the dry skin around the eyes will remain moist and taut for a long time.

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