Moles on the body – the design of nature or a sign from above?

Moles on the body - the design of nature or a sign from above?

Moles and their significance from the point of view of science

Birthmarks favors any parts of our body and they appear, mainly because of a hereditary predisposition. However, new birthmarks, due to hormonal changes, some malfunctions in the work of the immune system or under the influence of ultraviolet, can occur during life.

Doctors call the most common kind of moles nevi. They argue that nevi can be both dangerous to humans, and absolutely nothing threatening to mark them, a variety of which can only be determined through careful research. Both those and others in appearance are often very similar. They can have both a kind of flat pigment spots of different color, and the shape of convex shishechek on a thin stalk or with a wide formation. The sizes of moles are also different, and then, whether large or small, is not yet a decisive factor in determining their quality accurately. And here is where the birthmarks on the body, the value is important. This allows us to establish the degree of attention to them from specialists.

What are the most dangerous birthmarks from the point of view of doctors? First of all, by the fact that they are able to degenerate into malignant tumors, the main cause of which is the excessive exposure to sunlight. Provoke the emergence of a serious disease can and trauma moles, and disruption of the hormonal and immune systems. Therefore, to treat our birthmark spots carefully, trying as little as possible to put them to the sun and rub with clothes or ornaments. Otherwise, birthmarks on the body value will acquire an ominous. They will significantly increase the risk of the appearance of deadly formations that can develop without apparent external manifestations for several years.

In the presence of many moles, it is desirable to abandon the use of scrubs, which contain solid particles, and hard wool. Areas of the body on which there are birthmarks can not be shaved. With them, you can not and remove the hairs with a tweezer or tweezers. If the disposal of such vegetation is an essential act, the hairs can be cut off neatly with small scissors. With large nevi, in general, you should be very careful and in any case not to allow them to damage during washing or peeling.

People with an abundance of moles are not recommended to visit the solarium. In addition, they do not want to go to the sauna or sauna too often – hot air can provoke malignant formation. Well, and, of course, you need to try to lessen yourself in the summer under the scorching rays of the sun and always, even in cloudy weather, use sunscreen, which treats the skin every two hours. After bathing in salt water, the body should be rinsed with fresh water and immediately wipe dry. In summer, such people should only wear loose clothing made from natural fabrics, avoiding tight fitting clothes.

In order to prevent skin cancer, you should carefully inspect your birthmarks at least once a month and make sure that they have smooth edges, a symmetrical shape and not a uniform color. If any of the moles began to cause suspicion – began to increase, hurt or was traumatized, it is necessary, without delay, to turn to the oncodermatologist. It is he who will be able to professionally inspect the birthmark and determine whether it needs an urgent removal. If the doctor gave a positive response, the birthmark will have to be removed only in a medical institution – cosmetic procedures intended, first of all, for aesthetic correction, can not guarantee the absence of complications in the future.

It is advisable to remove moles that are on the ground, the most at risk of injury – on the palms, neck, feet and so on. Modern methods of surgical excision of nevi take into account the aesthetic side of the solution of this problem, so even after such an operation on the face or neck after the disappearance of the mole there are practically no traces left. Of course, it is impractical to try to get rid of all the moles available – this does not exclude the appearance of new ones. Remove only those formations that carry a clear threat of degeneration into malignant tumors.

Here are the birthmarks on the body value are from the position of medicine. And now let`s see how they are interpreted by adherents of mystical currents.

birthmarks on the body value

Birthmarks on the body. Determination of the fate and character of a person

Birthmarks have long been attributed to magical properties, which were not always inspirational. For example, in the Middle Ages, they were considered signs of the devil, and the great inquisitors sent the proprietress of birthmarks to martyrdom with great enthusiasm and burned them at the stake.

But these times, thank God, passed, and the birthmarks on the body acquired a different meaning. They began to look attractive and even went into fashion: artificial flies, in order to look sexy, everywhere glued over the upper lip of the representative of the weaker sex. From their point of view, such marks symbolized deep sensuality, femininity and a tendency to windyness. Ironically, even modern science supports such a version. Based on the results of the conducted studies, the learned men concluded that the sexual activity of a woman is directly proportional to the number of moles on her body. This is a logical confirmation: our libido depends on the length of telomeres, and the longer this length, the more moles.

Moles and their meaning in the fate of a person from time immemorial studied by a current called moleoscopy. Followers of this current created a whole system, according to which each of us can, based on the number and location of moles, find out what his life expects. And the surrounding, in turn, establish the nature of moles, the inclinations of a person. So, if the nevi are on their back, they testify to the generosity of their possessor, on the nose – about its success, on the ankle – about independence and diligence. The dimensions of moles determine the degree of well-being, and the form indicates a share of luck. A very good sign – a mole on the right shoulder or neck. She portends a great deal of luck in all matters. But the birthmark on the left shoulder indicates a lot of troubles that will pop up on our life`s path, like a devil from a snuffbox.

In a word, birthmarks on the body and their meaning , is a topic that, perhaps, will never cease to be relevant. After all, nature does not stint, rewarding them all, and disingenuous, not fully revealing the essence of our birthmarks. And therefore, let`s give them that sense, which we prefer! After all, why are they needed … So let this”for some reason” bring as much pleasure as possible.

Olga Kocheva
Women`s magazine JustLady

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