Musical Recipes

Musical Recipes

The timbre of each instrument affects the human body and psyche. Thus, the voices of bow instruments contribute to the healing of spiritual wounds, open the way for self-knowledge, instruct on compassion and self-sacrifice. The organ sounds clean the spinal energy channel. The piano is responsible for the thyroid gland, the drums for the cardiovascular system, the flute for the lungs. Music for the saxophone evokes sexual energy. Flute piccolo (from Italian -“small”) normalizes blood circulation.

The style of music also affects a person`s state. Academic (classical) music harmonizes and calms, jazz excites. Rock and roll affects the genitourinary system, activating the production of sex hormones. Some variety genres are attributed to destructive influence. Spiritual music calms, concentrates, normalizes the heartbeat, clears thoughts

Favorite composer of music therapists – Mozart. The light, optimistic, cheerful music of this Viennese classic consists, for the most part, of harmonious intervals and soft combinations. Therefore, for example, his”Don Juan” is considered an excellent cure for headaches. Brahms is prescribed against paralysis and joint diseases, mental disorders and nervous system.

In addition to the above characteristics, music varies in terms of frets, tempo, size. In each case, music for cure or mood is selected individually. An important role in the choice is played by the taste and personal preferences of the listener.

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