Myths about contraceptive pills

Myths about contraceptive pills

Some people think that taking birth control pills can lead to infertility. Opinion is wrong. On the contrary, gynecologists even prescribe the reception of contraceptives for two to three months for those who can not have a baby. During the reception of this drug, the woman`s reproductive system has the opportunity to relax, so at the end of the course pregnancy occurs more quickly. And the rumors that the birth control pills lead to infertility may be due to the fact that a woman who does not know that she is suffering from some diseases and is barren takes this drug, and when, after the abolition of the pills, attempts to conceive the baby end unsuccessfully, all writes off on the preparation.

Fairy tales that taking birth control pills causes cancer of female organs, too, have no basis. The intake of hormonal tablets for a long time, on the contrary, reduces the risk of developing cancer.

The most common myth is that the hormones are getting thicker. Such a negative effect was observed many years ago, and today the doctor can choose exactly the drug that is best for every woman, without causing such reactions.

Some also believe that birth control pills are addictive. This opinion is also erroneous, because this drug is not a drug. The fact is that during the reception of hormonal drugs the woman`s health improves, menstruation becomes painless and regular, there is no PMS, the condition of the skin, hair and nails improves. After the termination of a course these problems come back again and some women, making to facilitate the life, again come back to reception of a preparation.

Most stories about the dangers of contraceptive pills are just myths and prejudices. Receiving the right drug is absolutely harmless, but do not forget that pills can save only from unwanted pregnancy, to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, only a condom will help.

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