Nail care: how to

Nail care for hands: how it works

Manicure rules

The main thing in nail care is regular manicure. You can choose dry, wet or combined way – each of them has their own fans. Buy good care products – essential oils and bath preparations, creams and emulsions, wax or oil for nails. Do not spare money for a quality manicure set of stainless steel – it will last for many years. Buy several saws with different type of abrasive. The best option – ceramic and glass files – they quickly and neatly remove the length and give shape to the nails, without hurting them. For polishing, you need a special bar, which will help align the plates, give them shine and prepare for the coating with varnish.

Everything you need for a manicure can be bought in a store that offers cosmetics for beauty salons.

Manicure should be done at least once a week. The whole procedure will take about an hour – during this time you can make a bath for the hands, give shape to the nails, make a peeling, moisten the skin and apply a nail polish. Follow the sequence of procedures – then the whole process will pass quickly, and the result will please you.

How to care for nails

Try a mixed technique that combines a wet and dry manicure. Select the shape of the nails and remove excess length with a manicure scissors or a coarse-grained ceramic file. Give the final shape of the nails with a fine-grained glass file. In warm water, add essential oils or a special emulsion for manicure. A very effective product based on almond oil – it softens the skin and heals minor cuts. Put your fingers in the water for 7-10 minutes. Blot hands with a towel and rub cream into the skin. He will remove the dead cells and revitalize the skin color. After such treatment fingers will become tender, and nail rolls – soft and elastic.

Rinse your hands in warm water and wipe them dry. On the cuticle, apply a liquid or a gel based on fruit acids. After a minute, clean the dead skin with chopsticks from the orange tree, and move the cuticle to the base of the nail. Too overgrown skin can be cut off neatly with clippers or manicure scissors. Remove the burrs and polish the nails with a bar until smooth and glossy. Apply moisturizing lotion on your hands and massage your fingers until it is completely absorbed. Cover the nails with a thin layer of wax and carefully rub it into the plates.

To maintain the softness of the hands and healthy nails, apply moisturizing cream twice a day – in the morning and at bedtime.

We cover nails with varnish

If you are planning a color manicure, pre-degrease your nails, wiping them with a liquid to remove the varnish. Then cover the plates with one or two layers of the leveling base, which will increase the durability of the lacquer coating and prevent the yellowing of the nails. Apply two layers of colored varnish to the nails. To prolong its durability, enamel the ends of the nails. In conclusion, apply a top plate with the effect of drying. Correctly applied varnish will last several days without chips and scuffs.

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