Nail polish: the most fashionable trend in the new year

Nail polish: the most fashionable trends in the new year

Today, fashion trends in manicure are quite wide, and following them, any woman can look more stylish and modern.

One of the popular modern trends is metallic shades, matte dark blue shades, as well as the colors of fruits and berries – strawberry, plum, dark cherry. All these varnishes are distinguished by rather dark shades, and in some of them there may be inclusions of small spangles.

Dark red varnish colors are best applied to the nails along with appropriate makeup on the face – lipstick can be a similar color. If you decide to choose a completely dark nail polish, consider that it should not shine – today matt colors are in fashion, and the darker the varnish, the more matte it should be. A velvety and matte blue lacquer will make your nails really smart and trendy.

In the fashion not so long ago entered another kind of original varnish – a thermoactive varnish that changes colors depending on the ambient temperature. That part of the varnish that is closer to the skin can change the shade in cold water or in cold air, and so you will get a two-tone manicure.

The classic combination of black and white is again popular not only in clothes, but also in the choice of nail polish – black and white drawings look very effective on nails, and with their help you can create complex and intricate patterns that will look like contrast and bright. For example, using black and white lacquer on the nails, you can draw an imitation of real lace or a yin-yang sign.

And finally, lovers of exotics and mysticism, no doubt, will be interested in runic manicure – you can make your own nails with your protective amulet, by applying magic runes to them with the help of thin lines of lacquer of one or two colors.

Whatever option you choose, remember that everything needs a measure. Too bright manicure can look extremely unnatural and even vulgar. Do not forget to make timely correction, neat and well-groomed nails – a business card of any modern fashionista.

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