Nausea during PMS: is this normal?

Nausea during PMS: is this normal?

      Doctors and gynecologists identified four of the most common forms of premenstrual syndrome. The first form is characterized by tearfulness, depressed mood, aggression or, on the contrary, weakness. The second form is called edematous. During her swelling and hardening of the mammary glands, increased sweating, swelling of the hands and feet. The third form is characterized by headaches, dizziness and nausea until vomiting. Girls with the fourth form of PMS suffer from rapid heart rate, numbness and coldness of the hands and feet.

The last form is the heaviest, it can turn into an adrenaline crash. However, this form does not arise by itself, but is a consequence of the lack of treatment of the other three forms. If nausea and dizziness during PMS are strong enough and cause you trouble – this is an occasion to undergo examination.

Nausea and vomiting occur during premenstrual syndrome in many girls, but this does not mean that such a state of health is the norm. Gynecologists still recommend to undergo examination. First, start the menstrual calendar (if you have not used it before) to see if you are experiencing this condition before menstruation, or the reason lies in something else.

If the nausea does appear during PMS, and its intensity prevents you from leading a habitual way of life these days, the doctor will prescribe treatment. Usually, women are recommended to take a course of vitamins and sex hormones, as well as perform physical exercises and adhere to a special diet. Gynecologists recommend choosing walking and jogging, cycling, aerobics. In your diet, always include lentils, nuts, broccoli and dairy products.

Remember that feeling unwell during PMS can be a symptom of a serious illness, and do not delay the visit to the doctor.

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