New niche collection of fragrances Ralph Lauren

A new niche collection of Ralph Lauren fragrances


Although the direction of Ralph Lauren Fragrances has existed since 1978, literally until September 2016, the perfume boutique of the brand had only one – in New York. But the second one recently opened not somewhere, but in the Moscow Central Department Store. In honor of such a significant event here was presented a new collection of 10 niche fragrances Ralph Lauren. The collection includes 5 mini-lines – two fragrances with one main note in each.

The collection opens with a line dedicated to the city in which Ralph Lauren lives and works, – Portrait of New York. The first fragrance is based on a white lily surrounded by notes of pink pepper and Madagascar vanilla. In the center of the second one is vetiver, supplemented with notes of green cardamom and black pepper.

The beauty of the Côte d`Azur of France is conveyed by fresh citrus flavors. In the Riviera Dream line presents perfume compositions based on orange blossom with notes of mandarin and neroli and with central lime supplemented with citron and Calabrian bergamot.

“Legacy of English elegance” – A Legacy of English Elegance – designed to convey the aromas of roses and white tea. The rose is supplemented by a chord of patchouli and black currant, and the traditions of English tea drinking are represented by the aroma of white tea with a train of notes mate and bergamot.

Hymn to American nature – Song of America – performed by Ralph Lauren sounds with notes Alpheus and Magnolias. The fragrance with central sage is revealed by notes of fir and fig, and the composition based on magnolia – bright notes of patchouli and lemon.

Finally, the last line of Treasures of Safari -“Treasure Safari” – is dedicated to East Africa. As treasures here are ambergris, wrapped in the plume of Bourbon vanilla and labdanum, and ud surrounded by guaiac tree and incense.

In addition to fragrances, the collection includes accessories made of leather hand-made: a case for perfume water and a casket, in which you can put all 10 bottles, as well as a series of products for home and travel (aromatic, compact aromadiffuser) and care for the body. On the occasion of the opening of the perfume boutique Ralph Lauren in the Central Department Store, the whole new collection is immediately presented here:

    Perfume water, 100 ml – 19 500 rubles

    Perfume water, 50 ml – 13 500 rubles

    Compact aroma diffuser 10 500 rubles

    Cream for the body, 150 ml – 10 500 rubles

    Leather case 30,000 rubles

    Travel box 700 000 rubles

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