New Year: how to celebrate, if you are pregnant

New Year: how to celebrate, if you are pregnant

      Decide where and how to celebrate the holiday is necessary, based on the period of pregnancy. It is clear that in the last month it is hardly reasonable to go to noisy parties, suggesting a grand feast, active games, drinking and dancing. At the same time, it`s not necessary to refuse to celebrate at all, because the New Year is a special holiday, the only day of the year when all people make wishes, and a woman who can wait for the fulfillment of two desires in a state of pregnancy can not be missed.

And yet in this period, she should not forget about her situation. If there is a celebration somewhere outside the home, you need to ask if there is a hospital nearby, if there are any necessary medications and things in the presence of unforeseen circumstances. It is better to prepare for any surprises than later to blame someone for being unreasonable.

The future mother should be soberly approaching the choice of a place for the New Year. To spend a holiday in a room where people smoke, means to harm not only their health, but also the health of the child. If you really agree to go out, you have to choose a quiet place, where soft music sounds, there is no bright light, and there is a non-smoking room.

Often people celebrate this holiday outside the city. You should not refuse immediately, first you need to find out if there is a mobile connection in this place, will you be able to rest and sleep, if necessary, and most importantly, who will be your company. Only in a circle of real friends, on which you can be held responsible for you and your child, is it worth celebrating such a holiday as the New Year.

If you decide to invite friends to your home to meet the holiday in the familiar surroundings, ask your relatives to do cleaning and decorating the apartment, preparing a gala dinner and other pre-holiday activities. It will be useful for you to rest on the eve of the evening, to put yourself in order by making a festive make-up, hairstyle and manicure. Your mood should be doubly joyful, because the coming year prepares you and your family the most important gift in life, appreciate this time and have fun meeting New Year.

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