New Year’s make-up for brown eyes

New Year`s makeup for brown eyes

      Before applying the shadows, it is necessary with the help of a special cream to remove swelling and swelling from the eyelids, as well as to mask the corrector with dark circles and small wrinkles around the eyes. After that, the skin is applied to the fluid or foundation, the color of which should be slightly lighter than the natural shade of the skin. Creating a festive makeup for the brown eyes, you do not need to powder your eyelids, as this will emphasize both wrinkles and nervousness of the skin.

The next step is selecting the shadows, depending on the eye color. Possessors of light brown eyes can choose deep purple and blue shades, however, they need not be applied very densely, so as not to lose the appeal of the color of the eyes. For dark brown eyes, make up in shades of pink, red, yellow and blue. The remaining shades of the eyes can be emphasized with golden, green, beige or copper shadows, remembering that the dark eyes do not have an orange shade.

On New Year`s Eve, do not forget about the contrasts. So, you can successfully use such combinations of shadows as white with lilac, beige or bronze.

By selecting a shade of shadows, you can proceed to apply them. For this purpose, the brightest tone, called the basic professionals, is first applied. Further shimmering light shadows emphasize the sub-barren space, as well as the inner corner of the eye. Then, in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the center of the upper eyelid, the darkest tone is superimposed, after which the shadows should be thoroughly shaded. The lower eyelid is best emphasized with the same shade as the mobile eyelid, shading this line in the direction of the growth of the eyelashes.

End New Year`s makeup owners of brown eyes will help the pencil and mascara. The color of the eyeliner is selected depending on the tone of the shadows. So, purple pencil is better to use in case of applying pink shades of shadows, purple for brown shadows, and black for purple and green. In this case, apply eyeliner should be exclusively on the line of eyelash growth, after which the contour must be shaded. Before applying the mascara, only black, the eyelashes should be slightly powdered, and the ink applied in zig-zag movements in two layers.

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