Nivea: Brand History

Nivea: the history of the brand

Caring for the skin from NIVEA

The history of NIVEA began in 1911, when the owner of the company”Byersdorf” Oskar Troplovich together with the pharmacist Isaak Livshets and dermatologist Paul Unna developed the world`s first moisturizing cream for long-acting skin based on water-oil emulsion. The name of the new NIVEA brand comes from the word”nivius”, translated from the Latin meaning”snow-white”.

In 1924 there were major changes in the product itself and the strategy for its promotion. It was then that the well-known blue jar with the white inscription”NIVEA Creme” appeared well. This color scheme symbolized sunlight with fresh air. The cream has now become a universal tool for the whole family.

In the 30s of the last century, the company, taking advantage of the increasing popularity of beach holidays, has established a new product – a special tanning lotion that moisturizes the skin. A new marketing move was the publication of weather calendars with a weather forecast for the next two weeks, which symbolized the possibility of applying NIVEA cream at any time of the year.

Next in the product line NIVEA appeared products such as shaving cream, powder and shampoo. The sphere of application of the cream, which remained the priority product, expanded the inscription”For home and sports” added to the cans.

After the Second World War, many countries began to take rights for the NIVEA trademark, because at one time it was not properly registered. As a result, Byersdorf was forced to redeem confiscated rights for its own trademark in other countries.

In the first post-war years, NIVEA cosmetic products began to be positioned as ideal skin care products not only at home, but also during outdoor walks. The world-famous cosmetics company, now united under the general name of NIVEA, received in the late 50`s.

In the 60s, when a beautiful tan becomes a symbol of a healthy lifestyle, the company further strengthens its position as an expert in skin care. A decade later, competition in the cosmetics business is beginning to increase. The company”Byersdorf” launches a new advertising company that proves the high quality and effectiveness of NIVEA creams, the universality of which is expressed in the existence of day, night, moisturizing and protective types.

In the 80s the company comes out with its products to new markets, and also produces new product lines, such as decorative cosmetics and hair products, the advantages of which are still high quality and reasonable prices. The
The NIVEA brand, constantly expanding its activities, is becoming one of the world`s largest brands of skin care products. NIVEA products are popular all over the world, the sales market of the company includes 150 countries.

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