Nourishing creams for women after forty

Nourishing creams for women after forty

      Scientists have found that natural antioxidants – vitamins C, A, E, Q10, as well as vegetables and fruits help slow down the aging process. Based on these studies, creams have been created that actively combat the first signs of aging. Nutritional remedies against wrinkles need to start to use before they appear. It should be remembered that there is a strict grading of creams, depending on the age of the person. After forty years, self-care should be more thorough, and the choice of cream should be taken very carefully.

Nutrition of the skin should become a daily stage of care. From regular recharge, the skin becomes soft, smooth, with a natural balance of moisture. The nutritional process occurs at the cellular level, when molecules on the passive and active”transport” get inside the cell. As a result, the deficiency of skin-important compounds – proteins, lipids, vitamins and carbohydrates – is fully replenished.

According to cosmetologists, skin up to 20-25 years does not need special nutrition, and the older a woman becomes, the more intense the hydration and nutrition should be. Moisturizers and a mixture of fats make the skin smooth and gentle. Nourishing creams restore the functions of the skin and soften it. Modern cosmetology when choosing the means for proper nutrition prefers natural ingredients. When choosing a cream, consider your individual characteristics, as well as the type of skin.

Dry skin nourish with vitamin cream. Take a small amount on a moist cotton swab and lightly, pressing the movements on the contour of the face from the bottom up. Then do a light massage, repeat this procedure on a daily basis.

Fatty skin thoroughly clean with sage infusion or salted water, and only after apply a nourishing cream. For oily skin, choose a remedy that includes vitamins, wax, herbal extracts, sulfur and benzoic acid.

Nourishing cream is best used in the evening an hour before bedtime or in the morning half an hour before going out. Before applying it, first, grate it slightly in your hands, rub between the pads of your fingers, and then apply on your face. Nutritious cream will quickly act if you apply it on moistened skin with a thin layer.

Beauticians are advised to change skin care products every month, so that there is no addiction. When choosing a new nutrient cream, consider solar activity, season and vitamin composition. Having shown patience and perseverance, you will get an excellent result.

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