Nourishing mask for eyelashes made from olive oil

Nourishing mask for eyelashes from olive oil

      Olive oil perfectly influences eyelashes: heals them and accelerates growth. Nourishing mask of olive oil is applied as follows: apply a little oil on the brush, then comb it with eyelashes. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the oil should not be too much, because otherwise it can get on the mucous membrane of the eyes, which will cause unpleasant sensations. Usually, the procedure is carried out in the evening, leaving the oil on eyelashes for the whole night, and in the morning the food is washed off with warm water.

Especially effective is the nourishing mask for eyelashes, consisting of green parsley and extra virgin olive oil. To make this cosmetic, you need to grind parsley in the blender, pour it with oil, then continue to stir the ingredients to a mushy state. Mask carefully applied to eyelids and eyelashes, leave for five to ten minutes and rinse with warm water. This procedure is recommended to be carried out several times a week.

To strengthen the eyelashes, accelerate their growth and soften the skin of the eyelids, use the following nourishing mask: mix olive oil, marigold oil extract and chamomile oil extract (each component should be taken 1 tsp). Blend the mixture for ten minutes, and after this time, rinse with plenty of warm water.

In addition, you can pre-prepare a nourishing mask for eyelashes and store it in the refrigerator. To prepare this product, take 1 tsp. olive oil, infusion of herbs and vaseline, mix these ingredients well, then place the mixture in a glass container and seal it with a lid. The cosmetic used for this recipe should be used for seven days.

Every time after a nutritional mask based on olive oil or other vegetable oil, it is recommended to do a mini-compress. To do this, wadded discs are moistened in warm herbal infusion and put them on their eyes, and after fifteen minutes they take off.

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