Oil of milk thistle for face and hair

Milk thistle oil for hair and face

      Milk thistle due to its composition (vitamins of various groups and trace elements) has a beneficial effect on any type of facial skin and hair, providing them with a protective, firming, nourishing, moisturizing, tonic, smoothing, rejuvenating action.

Very useful evening facial massage using this oil, carried out after washing. At the same time, cosmetologists recommend leaving oil overnight. This procedure calms the skin in the presence of inflammation, and also prevents the appearance of blackheads and black spots. In the case of peeling, hardened or cracked skin, this miraculous oil accelerates the healing of wounds and cracks, softens and moisturizes the skin.

The daily ten-minute applications are also very popular when caring for problem skin. To do this, it is necessary to soak a soft napkin with thistle oil, with the addition of 3 drops of one of the essential oils (lavender, cedar, etc.). Then you need to put this napkin on your face. The duration of the session is about a quarter of an hour, after which the napkin should be removed, and the face gets wet with a dry cloth.

The face mask prepared according to the following recipe is also effective: milk thistle oil and tea tree oil (6: 1 ratio), warm it in a water bath, apply on face (session lasts 30 minutes). The oil that has not been absorbed after the procedure must be removed with a paper napkin.

Smearing of the skin of the face with this oil in the cold season can protect against cold wind and frost, and in summer – from the scorching rays of the sun. It is possible before mixing to mix the milk thistle oil with other types of natural vegetable oil, for example, olive.

The milk thistle has a positive effect on the condition of the hair, strengthening them, promoting growth and giving them a natural sheen. It is enough to mix the oil with the shampoo or balm used for washing your head (proportion 1:10), rub it with light finger movements into the scalp and hair, and after 10 minutes rinse well with warm water.

It should be noted that the milk thistle oil is suitable for frequent use, and there are no contraindications to its use, except for individual intolerance.

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