Oxygen capsule alpha Oxy Spa: indications and procedure

Oxygen capsule alpha Oxy Spa: indications and procedure

Alpha OXY SPA is an oxygen capsule that is used to perform a complete immersion in the oxygen flow of the face and body. In turn, oxygenation – the supply of oxygen under high pressure, in this oxygen capsule stimulates the recovery of the entire cellular composition of the organism and promotes cell rejuvenation. Detoxication of the body is performed with the help of oxytemia – a combination of variable temperature and pure oxygen (up to 99%). To remove toxins from the body, pharmacological preparations are not required, because of oxythermia, the removal of toxins occurs physiologically.

Indications for a possible procedure with capsule Alpha OXY SPA: cellulite treatment, overweight,
weakened breast tone, local fat deposits, post-partum restorative therapy, skin diseases, skin tone reduction, psoriasis treatment, emotional stress reduction, cleansing and detoxification, skin oxygen saturation, increased skin barrier functions, skin regeneration after high exposure to sunlight, long-term diseases, acceleration of the rehabilitation of sports injuries, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, neuroses, headaches, hypertension, increased immunity The total rejuvenation of the body, hair diseases.

During the procedure, a large number of physiotherapeutic factors are used. The main ones are: the alpha capsule is based on the effect of vibration therapy, which increases lymph flow and blood flow, activates metabolism and improves tone, local or systemic thermotherapy, which has a soothing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispastic effect, and also promotes the formation and the development of biologically active substances in the body, pulse photostimulation, audioreleaksatsii, aromatherapy.

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