Ozone therapy: harm or benefit

Ozone therapy: harm or benefit

Ozone therapy has a beneficial effect on immunity, fights against bacteria and viruses, conquers all kinds of inflammation, gives an anesthetic effect. That is why doctors recently consider ozone treatment as a serious alternative to antibiotics. The matter is that viruses and bacteria today mutated and for struggle against them all large doses of antibiotics are required, which leads to unpleasant side effects – elimination of useful microflora, decrease of immunity. Ozone is a much more gentle method than medications. It is used for herpes, thrush, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, urethritis, adnexitis and erosion of the cervix.

Ozone therapy is used in almost all branches of medicine – not only gynecology and urology, but also in cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology and ophthalmology. Ozone treats purulent wounds and pressure sores, burns and trophic ulcers. After all, this substance heals wounds and removes inflammation, and also kills bacteria.

Ozone enrich the water and give this water to drink a sick ulcer and gastritis. The introduction of ozonated blood into the body increases the immunity and helps to cope with bronchial asthma, other diseases of the respiratory system. Ozone therapy is prescribed for arthritis and arthrosis, ozone mixture is removed by vascular sprouts – without scars and relapses.

But ozone is especially widely used in cosmetology. Ozone therapy is an excellent remedy for getting rid of acne, stretch marks and skin defects. After all, ozone improves metabolic processes, smooths connective tissue in the place of scars. In addition, ozone helps improve microcirculation in the skin and subcutaneous fat. Therefore, it is so successfully used in the treatment of cellulite.

Ozone perfectly corrects age defects. It removes small age and facial wrinkles, swelling, bags under the eyes, improves the complexion. Usually, all cosmetic procedures using ozone are done by courses. They are shown at any age, even very young. Ozone can be used during pregnancy, because modern equipment is designed in such a way that all possible side effects are reduced to almost zero. After injections with ozone, there may be slight redness and pain in the area of ​​the injections. They pass in 1-2 days.

Ozone therapy is not prescribed with reduced blood clotting, the presence of internal bleeding, a predisposition to convulsions, hyperthyroidism, hemorrhagic stroke, acute intoxication, thrombocytopenia, and allergy to ozone (it, however, is rare). !!

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