Paraffinotherapy at home

Paraffin therapy at home

The most important advantage of paraffin is that it has a melting point just above fifty degrees and a fairly low thermal conductivity, i.e. its temperature decreases slowly and evenly. Applied as applications.

The mechanism of paraffin exposure to the body is quite simple. First of all, the upper layer of the skin softens and sweating increases. But since there is nowhere to get moisture, it is absorbed into the skin again. As a consequence – its effective hydration. Increased blood flow to the cells, which improves the joints, restores tissue, heals wounds more quickly. Increases circulation of lymph and increases the release of toxins, which helps to cleanse the body of harmful substances. In addition, since paraffin during cooling decreases in size, then there is a gradual stretching and smoothing of the skin.

To carry out paraffin therapy at home, it is necessary, first of all, to stock up with enough material. One procedure requires about 2 kg of purified paraffin. It is used only once.

While the paraffin waxes on the water bath (prepare a special dish – it is cleaned badly), prepare your skin. It needs to be cleaned of dirt, a better scrub, then you can apply a moisturizer. It is easier to”work” with the limbs.

First, check to see if the paraffin wax is too hot not to get burned. Then lower your hand into it for a few seconds, several times until a thick layer of paraffin is formed on it; take out your hand every second for 20. Then the hand is covered with cellophane and a terry towel or glove. In half an hour all this is removed. Your hand got good care.

You also need to put applications on the feet. To apply paraffin to the face is more difficult. Use the brush. After the first layer it is necessary to put a gauze bandage so that at the end of the procedure paraffin is easier to remove from the skin.

The only thing you should know about first is if you have any contraindications to this procedure.

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