Parking is the weak link in women’s driving

Parking is the weak link in women`s driving

      In fact, the roots of insecure female driving lie in two factors – improper training of drivers in a driving school and a psychological attitude. If we talk about the first, the level of training of drivers in a driving school is very low. Unfortunately, the training standards are very far from what actually happens on the road. In the driving school there is no individual approach to the student, all disciplines are allocated a limited number of hours. At the same time, it does not matter whether the pupil has mastered certain maneuvers and exercises. Particularly meticulous will take several lessons with a private instructor and correct their mistakes. And others will think that everything will be learned by the road. But her lessons are sometimes too expensive.

Another little nuance – and how to learn to park in a driving school. Exercise”back boxing”, which is part of the exam program, is performed with the head turning back without using side mirrors. Now imagine what the disciple sees, turning his head back – all in a mirror image. It is still difficult to compare what he saw and work with the wheel. And it turns out a chaotic movement, you can enter the garage in this way only by accident. And here in real road conditions, this manner of parking leads to unpredictable consequences. The driver is looking, turning his head back, turning the steering wheel, the body is making a maneuver, and next to it there are cars …

And this can be avoided if the parking is trained separately. Much for this will not be required: an adequate experienced driver next door, and free space on a quiet street. And as soon as problems of a technical nature are solved, emotional complexion will leave. After all, one breeds another. If a woman does not know how to drive, she feels untenable, from here comes uncertainty, stupid maneuvers, stressful and emergency situations. There are no things in driving that can not be learned with a certain aspiration.

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