Peeling of the skin around the nails

Peeling skin around nails

      If, in addition to peeling, you have itching and inflammation of the skin of the cuticle area and the area of ​​the lateral ridges, be sure to consult a dermatologist. It is possible that you have epidermophytosis – a fungal infection that affects the skin and nails. Get rid of it yourself with the help of creams and ointments is very difficult, it will return, threatening to infect others. The doctor will prescribe you treatment and prescribe, in addition to ointments, antifungal agents inside.

Often dry scaly skin around the nails indicates a lack in the body of any constituents for proper metabolism. It can be amino acids (they build epidermal cells and the whole body), minerals or vitamins (usually group B).

In order to eliminate this reason, it is enough to revise your diet and introduce products containing the necessary micronutrient elements – bread, rice, vegetables, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, dairy products. Also, to maintain the correct balance necessary for the body of substances will help complexes of minerals and vitamins, which can be bought at the pharmacy.

To avoid peeling of the skin of the hands, as well as the area of ​​the cuticle and the zone of the lateral ridges, it is necessary to avoid exposure to harmful substances contained in detergents and other products. To do this, work at home, especially related to household chemicals, should be done in rubber gloves. After that, wash your hands with soap (but not household) and grease them and nails with a nourishing cream.

It is also important to take care of your hands and nails. For this, you need to wash them with slightly warm water, and finish the procedure with a cold rinse. This will promote the training of blood vessels and improve the blood supply of tissues. It is better to use a cream soap. After washing your hands and the area around your nails, you must thoroughly wipe.

In the evening and in the morning on the cuticle area and the area of ​​the side rollers, you should apply, slightly massaging, a nourishing cream with hyaluronic acid or glycerin (it will help moisturize the skin) or cuticle oil. Weekly area around the nails should be treated with a scrub – it will help get rid of dead cells. After the procedure, the scrub is washed off and applied to the skin with a nourishing cream or special oil.

To get rid of the peeling of the skin around the nails will also help the manicurist. In salons, as a rule, can offer a hot oil manicure, which helps to restore the nails and the skin around them and moisten the cuticle area and the side roller zone with a special professional oil.

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