Peeling skin in winter

Peeling skin of the face in winter

      Skin care in winter has its own subtleties, and they begin with cleansing. In the cold season it is better to use soft creamy products or warm vegetable oil. If it is applied abundantly on face and neck, and after 5 minutes remove with a dry cotton pad, it not only cleans, but also softens the skin. For problematic skin it is better to use steamed shredded oat flakes, and for fatty – sour milk. For final washing, only boiled water at room temperature is suitable.

After cleansing the skin, you can moisten it with a light cream. Greasy vitaminized skin care products are best used for street. But that they under the influence of the cold did not change their properties, they should be applied in advance and left until completely absorbed. Surplus can get wet with a napkin. The resulting protective film will retain moisture in the skin and simultaneously relax the effects of cold and wind. This will help prevent dryness and peeling on the face.

For additional saturation of the skin with beneficial substances, twice a week it is advisable to make different face masks. And it is better to alternate nutritious from fatty foods, with moisturizers – from raw vegetables and fruits. Then the skin will receive everything you need.

In addition to providing skin nutrition, you need to help the process of normal renewal of its cells. And for this it is necessary to improve blood circulation. This can be done with the help of steam baths or a steam bath in a bath followed by washing (pouring) with cold water, paraffin therapy, and also with facial massage and vigorous physical exertion.

To prevent skin peeling in winter, you need to take care of her condition from the inside. Namely, it is right to eat and take vitamins and biologically active supplements. Very important is an element such as sulfur, as well as vitamins A, E and Group B. Without them, the skin quickly loses its natural sheen, even with proper care and proper protection.

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