Peeling skin on the ears

Peeling skin on the ears

      The most common cause of this problem is diathesis. In this case, peeling is a banal allergic reaction to an overabundance of sugar in the tissues of the body. The reason for this phenomenon can be excessive consumption of sweets. In addition to the fact that the skin is flaky, redness and severe itching appear. To reduce the symptoms, you can take such drugs as Suprastin, Fenistil, Tavegil.

Less often this trouble can be an allergic reaction to the sun`s rays, which is much harder to get rid of. Scaling is accompanied by itching, chills, and in some cases, high fever. To treat this type of allergy is necessary in a complex. Every day use an anti-allergic ointment, which is applied to the affected areas of the skin. Take Fenistil. In addition, you need to protect yourself, close from sunlight, wear a hat.

Also, peeling can be the result of various chemical burns, for example, after painting hair or perm. A burn will be visible on the affected area. In this case, prescribe ointments, tablets and anti-allergenic drops. With proper treatment after 4-5 days of trouble there will be no trace.

The cause may be an allergy to cosmetics, for example, a shampoo or a balm rinse. Try changing the tool. If after that everything goes away, you will know what shampoo causes you such a reaction, do not buy it anymore. If peeling remains, consult a dermatologist or an allergist. The doctor will take all the necessary tests and prescribe a course of treatment, the duration of which depends on the cause of the disease and its form.

In general, with this disease, you should immediately consult a doctor to correctly identify the cause. Do not self-medicate.

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