Perfect man’s body through the eyes of women

The ideal male body through the eyes of women

The sexiest part of the body of men, in the eyes of women, are the buttocks. Most women enjoy themselves immensely, contemplating, stroking, spanking and caressing them. And, the size of the buttocks does not really matter, the main thing is that they are elastic.

Also, the ideal male body should have a well-groomed and neat sexual organ. Currently, not many women are fans of”dense thickets”. Personal hygiene is of no small importance, but the size does not have the most important meaning.

Relief and beautiful press can drive many women crazy. Of course, to achieve such a result is not so simple, but a woman will appreciate such work. A well-inflated press subconsciously associates a woman with health and well-being.

Narrow hips – are considered not an unimportant part of the ideal male body. It is believed that the male thighs should be less wide than that of a woman. The wide hips of a man in the eyes of a woman look feminine, which should not be peculiar to him.

For most women, the ideal part of the male body is the hands. They should be well-groomed and clean, because not every woman wants to go to bed with a plumber or a fitter with dirty and rude hands. The nails should be short-cut, well cleaned, and the hands should not have rough corns.

A large number of women evaluate such a male part of the body as the lips. A man`s sensuous mouth can drive any woman crazy. Most women adore kissing with men who have puffy lips.

In the eyes of a woman, the ideal male body can not be without pumped biceps. When she sees clearly outlined forms of muscles and strong man`s hands, it immediately becomes clear that the man looks after himself and his health.
Everyone knows that men like to look at women`s breasts, but women do not lag behind them. Men`s breasts, which have a beautiful and inflated form, can also cause admiration for a woman.

Strong, broad shoulders – an ideal part of the male body. Women like strong shoulders, because they promise protection and tranquility. Many women are excited when a man moves his shoulders, while the body expresses all the muscles.

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