Perfume with the smell of caramel – enjoy the taste

Spirits with the smell of caramel - enjoy the taste

Citrus and sea smells are gradually losing ground. Purposefulness and pressure went to the side and made room for”food” smells. Perfume caramel , with the smell of chocolate, vanilla, marzipan cute and unobtrusively reached the tops of the charts, making the presentability of aldehyde and chic woody aromas. The fashion for optimistic attitude to life has come, to be happy today is a sign of a good tone.”Edible” fragrances allow us to return to a warm, cozy childhood, remember the taste of sweets and festive cakes. They do not protect, they show us the world as we are – small joyful children who decided to play an exciting game called”adult life.”

“Edible” fragrances – this classification appeared in perfumery relatively recently, just over 20 years ago. Of course, the flavors of vanilla, caramel, spices and fruits were added to perfume compositions before, but they never took up the aroma of the central place in the bouquet. More often these smells were used for a shade, a loop. Openly declared themselves”delicious” flavors in 1992, when world famous perfumers Shiris and Cresp created their own extraordinary, but such exhilarating perfume with the smell of caramel Angel. The idea was simple, like all ingenious: people love how chocolate, strawberry, caramel smell, so let them enjoy these smells every day!

The connoisseurs of aromas froze in perplexity, trying in vain to classify a new direction. Chocolate and currant, caramel and vanilla intertwined in one bottle and forced to forget about all the canons and rules of perfumery. Angel (Thierry Migler) – stunning and unusual perfume, caramel in their composition is perceived harmoniously and appropriately. By the way, you are very mistaken if you think that from the angels only smells of sweets and fresh rolls. The next flavor of this fashion brand Angel Innocent consisted of honey, almonds and spices, and the bottle was designed like a phallus. That`s it, a completely earthly direction can give your thoughts a sweet caramel taste.

The first rasprobovali idea of ​​”delicious” fragrances of a woman and gradually got used to a new direction. Perfumers, trying to please the emerging demand, periodically began to pamper the beautiful half of humanity with new perfume with the smell of caramel , vanilla and fruit. Among them there are no identical, each perfumery composition differs originality and conceals peculiar only to it”zest”. Telling about perfume with the smell of caramel it is impossible to ignore the luxurious Pretty Nina (Nina Ricci) . These spirits refer to fruit compositions and are determined by the head note of grapefruit. Gradually, warming, the fragrance begins to open and talk. Appears fresh green apple and raspberry, complemented by a sweet, slightly diluted with tenderness caramel and vanilla jasmine. Perfume has a beautiful design – a bottle of the color of a ripe apple is supplemented with silver leaves that emphasize the sophistication and luxury of design.

Why do we like”edible” flavors so much? Sweet smells relieve irritation and reduce the blood content of the hormone cortisol, which is formed in stressful situations. They activate the production of endorphin and increase attraction, acting as aphrodisiacs. According to psychologists and physiologists, the confectionery and fruit smells most favorably affect a person, which instantly soothe and create a joyful mood. Do not believe me? Try perfume with the smell of sweet caramel Sweet Caramel (DKNY) from Donna Karan. The top notes immediately attract apple tints, lead to the floral heart of the fragrance and end with a pleasant caramel-vanilla plume. A real gift for lovers of sweet life!

In recent years,”delicious” perfumes have tried different versions of fragrances, from the most simple to multilevel. Today, in the style of spicy confectionery and fruit and berry perfume, caramel in such combinations does not sound too insistent, but noticeably, giving the fragrance a light tinge of sweet pleasure. Admirers of perfume with the smell of caramel can taste the delicious fragrance Chocolate Story (Faberlic) – its composition determines the flavors of prunes, almonds, white chocolate, caramel, vanilla and sandalwood. Live (Jennifer Lopez) – toilet water from the famous pop diva, the same sexy and stunning. The top notes of orange and lemon immediately give way to spices, pion and violet, a sandal and caramel plume completes this sensual composition.

Do not be afraid to experiment and keep up with the latest perfume trends. Enjoy life, be happy and joyful, and perfume with a caramel flavor will help you tune into a positive mood.

Svetlana Krutova
Women`s magazine JustLady

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