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A chemical wave of eyelashes

Curl your eyelashes better in a tested interior, where you will not worry for the quality and safety of the compounds, the professionalism of the master. Depending on the length and shape of the eyelashes, the necessary tools are selected – rollers for curling. Small cylinders, on which the eyelashes are fixed in a certain position, come in different sizes, which are selected for the natural length of the eyelashes.

Eyelash curling technology is simple:
– Eyelashes and eyelids are cleaned from cosmetics and dust with a special degreasing lotion.
– Eyelashes are fixed on a special roller (it is also called hair curlers or a curling cylinder), which is covered with glue composition for retaining hairs.
– On the roller with eyelashes, apply a special gel with chemical reagents and leave it for 20 minutes.
– The procedure is completed by applying a fixing compound, which fixes the curls.

The principle of action of active drugs is the same as with hair curling – under the influence of chemical agents, the cilia change shape and retain it for the duration of the composition. All preparations used in the waving process are safe for health and can not cause damage to the natural structure of the hairs. Experienced masters know all the rules of application of compounds and in the course of work they always prevent chemicals from getting into the mucous membrane of the eyes and the delicate skin of the eyelids.

The advantages of this procedure is the rapid and safe application of compounds and an amazing result – curved eyelashes for a long time. At the same time, you can continue to paint with normal mascara, wear contact lenses, bathe in the pool and wash yourself as many times a day as you are accustomed to – curled eyelashes will not lose their shape. Eyelashes do not require special care after the procedure, but it is useful to lubricate them at night with warm castor oil. The effect of the procedure is equally well manifested on short and long eyelashes.

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