Pine oil in cosmetology for face, hands and hair

Pine oil in cosmetology for face, hands and hair

Pine essential oil has long been known as a remedy, but its remarkable properties have found application in cosmetology. Get pine oil from the crushed needles and small twigs of pine.

Cosmetic effect of pine oil

• Pine oil is a powerful antiseptic;
• Has anti-edematous effect;
• Promotes regeneration, rejuvenates the skin, increases its protective properties;
• Promotes smoothing of wrinkles due to the formation of natural collagen in the skin;
• Cleanses the skin pores, strengthens the local circulation;
• Strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, prevents dandruff;
• Helps to strengthen the nails.

Use of pine oil for facial skin

Pine oil is added to various face creams, masks, tonics, emulsions in the proportion of 3 drops of oil to 5 ml of cream or other cosmetic. This allows you to fight with swelling under the eyes, with acne and pustular rash, with pigment spots on the face.

Example of a face cream:
Children`s (or other neutral cream) – 10 ml;
Essential oil of juniper – 2 drops;
Lavender essential oil – 2 drops;
Essential oil of pine – 1 drop.

With regular use of cosmetics enriched with pine oil, the skin of the face becomes more elastic, wrinkles are smoothed.

Pine essential oil is also used for facial cosmetic massage, adding 5-6 drops of pine oil to 15 ml of massage oil.

Pine oil is added to cosmetic ice, used for rubbing the face and neck skin (in 200 ml of water dilute a teaspoon of cosmetic cream or honey and add 2 drops of oil, and freeze). Wipe the skin in the morning and in the evening.

Applying pine hair oil

Pine essential oil – one of the best in the fight against alopecia. It strengthens hair roots – hair follicles, thereby preventing hair loss. Brittle hair, pine oil gives elasticity and shine.

Method of application – adding pine oil to shampoos or hair rinses (3-4 drops of oil for 5 ml of shampoo, etc.). Regularly applying a shampoo to wash hair, you will get rid of dandruff. You can strengthen hair and combing them, putting 2-3 drops of oil on the comb teeth.

Applying pine oil to the skin of your hands

Pine oil is used to care for weather-beaten, chapped hands. Added to any hand cream (4-5 drops of oil per 5 ml of cream), pine oil helps to quickly heal microtraumas, makes the skin of the hands smooth and elastic, strengthens the nails.

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