Popular Women’s Fragrances

Popular Women`s Fragrances

Perfume – consist of a specially selected perfume composition of aromatic oils, which are mixed with a solution of 90% alcohol and a special fixer. In perfumes, the proportion of aromatic oils is usually from fifteen to twenty-two percent. Perfume is the most concentrated and persistent fragrant appearance of women`s perfumes

Perfumed water in its composition has a lower concentration of aromatic oils compared to perfumes (twelve to fifteen percent), but is more affordable. Eau de toilette in its composition contains up to ten percent of aromatic substances dissolved in eighty-five percent alcohol.

Eau de cologne is a kind of mostly male scented water, in which the content of aromatic substances is an order of magnitude lower than in the toilet water intended for women. In it, the content of aromatic oils is up to five percent in seventy percent alcohol.

Deodorant due to its properties mask the smell of sweat, used as a hygienic, aromatic and skin-refreshing remedy.

Dry spirits are created specifically to ensure that the laundry when stored in the closet has a pleasant aroma. They are produced in bags made of cloth or paper. Fill the sachets with flavored powders from petals of flowers, herbs, talc or asbestos. Many women make their own combinations for dry spirits. The most popular at all times for dry perfumes were the scents of lavender and roses.

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