Pregnancy with birth control pills: what is the probability?

Pregnancy with birth control pills: what is the probability?

How to take hormonal contraceptives?

Contraceptive pills contain female sex hormones: progesterone and estrogens. They suppress ovulation, change the composition of the vaginal mucus, thereby preventing sperm from entering the uterus and fertilization. Hormonal contraceptives guarantee reliable protection from pregnancy only if properly administered. Drink tablets should be taken every day at the same time. Most often, the package contains 21 tablets – this amount is enough to provide contraceptive effect during one menstrual cycle. At the end of the package, you should take a seven-day break, then continue taking the pills from the new box.

All contraceptive pills have a different composition. There are monophasic and three-phase contraceptives. Appoint a suitable remedy should a doctor who knows about the state of health of women.

When are the birth control pills not working?

Pregnancy with the correct intake of contraceptive pills is almost impossible, but if a woman has forgotten to drink a contraceptive pill at least once, the contraceptive effect of the drug is markedly reduced. To avoid unwanted pregnancy in this case, before the onset of the next menstruation to additionally be protected by barrier or some other method.

Hormonal contraceptives do not work even if the woman has digestive problems, accompanied by nausea and / or vomiting. That`s why when taking birth control pills should refrain from drinking alcohol. If a woman has had an intestinal infection, she will also need additional protection from an unwanted pregnancy before the next menstruation.

In some cases, the chosen drug is simply not suitable for a woman. If the tolerance is poor, it may be necessary to cancel the birth control pills. Of course, talk about the contraceptive effect in this case is not necessary, since reliable protection against pregnancy is possible only if the admission scheme is observed.

The drug should be discontinued if there is a thrombosis or previous conditions, attacks of an uncontrollable migraine, liver failure and other signs of individual intolerance.

Thus, if a woman becomes pregnant while taking birth control pills, most likely she mistook them. With the correct intake of hormonal contraceptives, the probability of pregnancy is close to zero.

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