Preserve beauty after 45

Preserve beauty after 45

      Watch for weight, ideally you should switch to a fractional food. Eat small meals 4-5 times a day. In the morning, eat the most calorie meals, rich in carbohydrates. After dinner, take light food, vegetable or sour-milk. Observe the known rule-a small-calorie dinner no later than two hours before bedtime.

Go in for sports, do stretching exercises for at least an hour a week. At this age, you can engage in aerobic exercise with small loads. Untrained women will be suitable for walking at an average pace. You can support the form by dancing, besides, it will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Keep your skin toned, you can use folk remedies for this. Well moisturizes the mature skin of fatty milk or cream. The product should be applied to clean skin, to stand for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water, and then the face should be rinsed with cold water or rubed with an ice cube. After the procedure, lightly pat dry skin with a towel.

Do not forget to monitor the condition of the hands and feet. Do pedicure and manicure on time, be sure to use creams. Once a week, spoil your feet and palms with oil masks. Apply a small amount of any vegetable oil on your hands and massage well. Wear cloth gloves and walk like this for 40 minutes, then remove them and remove the remaining oil with a tissue. In the same way, make a mask for the feet.

Pay special attention to the hair. After 45 years of care for them should be particularly careful, it is important in time to tint gray hair, if it appeared. To do this, you can use conventional hair dyes, or even better, vegetable. For example, tools such as henna and basma, not only hide the gray hair, but also strengthen the hair, make them shiny and silky.

Maintain beauty with positive emotions. Do not listen to pessimistic friends who like to talk about how the best years are over. Instead of silly conversations, take yourself with something interesting, spend more time on your hobby or your favorite work.

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