Problems after quitting smoking

Problems after quitting smoking

      During the refusal to smoke, the body undergoes major changes that can affect both the general state of health and mood and the functioning of individual organs and systems.

Many throwers are waiting for dramatic changes in the general state of the body from the first hours. But the body takes time to rebuild. This process can take from several weeks to several months, you need to be patient.

After quitting smoking, the effectiveness of the immune system decreases. The most frequent violations are in the respiratory and digestive system (cough, colds, stomach upset). More rarely – diseases of the oral cavity. There are mood swings.

As for the increase in kilograms for smoking cessation, according to statistics, the majority of drop-outs actually gain excess weight in the first weeks after quitting. This is due to the psychological factor and the need to replace something with cigarettes. You can avoid this if you do not change the food system or eat low-calorie food during snacks.

It is not easy to give up smoking, but after the adaptation period is over, the body will begin recovery. First, the cardiovascular system is restored. The heart receives a sufficient amount of oxygen, the walls of the vessels become more elastic. Then the nervous system is restored. The conductivity of the fibers increases, and irritability passes. The respiratory system is restored last.

Changes in the body that occur after quitting are not as terrible as the consequences of years of smoking. In order to reduce the negative impact on the body, you should vitaminize the diet and exercise.

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