Pros and cons of a permanent wave of eyelashes

Pros and cons of a chemical wave of eyelashes

      Doing a chemical wave makes sense if you have long, straight eyelashes. Too short or infrequent to curl is meaningless, you will not get the desired effect – it`s better to make a build-up. To check if you like the wave, try to twist your eyelashes first with forceps and evaluate the effect.

Unlike short-lived curling with forceps, the use of chemicals will allow the eyelashes to retain a seductive bend from two to five months (the length depends on how quickly the ciliary cover and the quality of the preparations are updated). Compared with the build-up, chemical perm has a lot of advantages: you can safely use lenses, make-up, makeup remover, swim in ponds and go to the bath.

It is very important that the”chemistry” is done professionally. Only an experienced specialist can determine the size of the rollers for curling, gently apply the agent and sustain the time. Improperly selected rollers – and eyelashes look unnatural. The product fell into the eyes – there was irritation and allergy. The time of aging is not properly chosen – eyelashes will start falling out.

An experienced wizard can correct the shape of the eye with a perm. For example, give them an open and charming expression. Or bend the eyelashes at a certain angle, making the eyes almond-shaped and mysterious. Or, curling eyelashes in the corner of the eye, visually raise the eyelid.

Chemical perm is prohibited during pregnancy and lactation, nor should it be done during treatment with antibiotics or hormonal drugs. Chemicals often discolor the eyelashes, so a few days after the procedure it is best to paint them in a darker color – in this case, you do not need any mascara for several months.

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