Pros and cons of sex during pregnancy

Pros and cons of sex during pregnancy

It is believed that the best period for having sex is the second trimester of pregnancy: at this time, the child`s fetus has already formed, and around him the body has already”built” reliable protection from several layers. But it should be taken into account – if the woman`s uterus is said to be in a tonus, the placenta may prematurely peel off.

Often during this period, the sexual desire in the female body sharply increases, which is associated with the physiology, so prolonged abstinence can contribute to the accumulation of negative emotions. In addition, as doctors say, hormones of pleasure are good for the future child.

According to medical research, enzymes and male hormones in this period are needed by the woman`s body. They contribute to a greater elasticity of the uterus, which facilitates its opening during childbirth.

Having sex, you are training the muscles of the uterus, which means that it is easier to transfer labor, they will pass faster and without unpleasant consequences. In addition, doctors even advise to have sex at the very end of pregnancy, in order to provoke their”soft” start.

Sex work in the second trimester of pregnancy can cause a miscarriage. If the woman`s womb is said to be in a tonus, the placenta may prematurely peel off.

During pregnancy, especially at its beginning and end, changes in the hormonal system of any woman occur; accordingly, her interest in sex changes all the time – it increases, then fades, the mood of a woman changes quickly and she often”gets” toxicosis. Such phenomena are not the best background for intimate relationships.

During pregnancy, people do not find it necessary to protect themselves. But if there is at least the slightest threat of getting an infection from a partner, a woman will get it. at this time the organism before her is almost defenseless.

If the placenta is located low, having sex can easily provoke a miscarriage.
In case you have had miscarriages or wait for two or more toddlers, do not recommend having sex at all.

If you have any suspicious secretions, or, especially, bleeding, immediately leave an intimate relationship and go to the clinic.

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