Rare eyebrows: save the situation

Rare eyebrows: save the situation

Many women solve the problem of dense eyebrows simply shaving them and drawing with a pencil new ones. Do not do this, because the drawn eyebrows always look foreign on the face. It is better to spend a little time on caring for your own eyebrows, and also to use the secrets of make-up.

Let`s start with leaving. Make your eyebrows more dense will help daily combing. Take an old toothbrush and brush your eyebrows twice a day for growth and against hair growth.

In the evening, combing can be supplemented with a special massage. Drip a bit of burdock or castor oil on the brush and massage your eyebrows. This recipe has been used since ancient times to improve hair growth.

Try to alternate the oil massage with oil masks. To do this, take two halves of a cotton pad, drip some peach or almond oil on them (you can buy them in a pharmacy), put compresses on your eyebrows and hold for 10-15 minutes.

Make eyebrows more dense and help yourself homemade cream. Take a jar of lanolin cream, add to it 30 drops of vitamin A, 15 drops of vitamin E and one teaspoon of castor oil. Rub this compound in the eyebrows for two to three months – the result will not keep you waiting!

Make eyebrows thick and beautiful bend can be with the help of make-up. To begin with, you should decide which form of eyebrow is right for you. After that, adjust your eyebrows as much as possible. After that, add densities with the help of shadows. To do this, select the shade that corresponds to your eyebrows, gently swipe through the hairy part of the eyebrow, without leaving its borders.

Another way to make the eyebrows thicker is to use a pencil for the eyebrows. Choose a pencil that will best match your natural color. Keep in mind that it is better to take a dark brown shade than black – so the color will be more organic.

Do not bend your eyebrows with a single line, it`s better to draw small stitches similar to your own hairs. Thus, the drawn lines merge with your hairs and the eyebrow will look naturally dense and beautiful !

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