Remedies against stretch marks

Remedies against stretch marks

There are many different ways to get rid of striae, from folk methods and ending with surgical intervention.

An important point, without which stretch marks can not be removed, is proper nutrition, i.e. consumption of necessary substances for skin elasticity. These are seafood, greens, vegetable oils, vegetables, fruits. You should consume large amounts of liquid.

Self-massage gives good results. Massage the stomach clockwise, the waist from top to bottom, hips with vertical movements, starting from the knees to the top, and the buttocks with horizontal movements from the hips to the waist. Massage should be done every day using olive, almond oil and wheat germ oil. The use of flavored oils, such as orange, lemon, rose oil not only will help get rid of hateful stretch marks, but also raise your mood.

An effective folk remedy are coffee scrubs. 100 gr. ground coffee pour boiled water to get a thick mass, and covered with a lid, leave for 15 minutes. Add there 1 tablespoon olive oil or other vegetable oil.

You can take advantage of the coffee grounds as in pure form, or mixed with different kinds of vegetable oils or sour cream. Scrubs rub as often as a week, massaging the damaged area for 5-10 minutes.

Many women use mummy to remove stretch marks: 1 gr. mummy dissolve in 1 spoon of boiled water, add to the resulting mass of 80 gr. baby cream. Rub should be in the problem area of ​​the skin once a day.

At home, you can prepare a special mixture for rubbing. Mix 100 gr. jojoba oil, 10 drops of orange, lemon juice, rosemary, jasmine, 20 drops of lavender. Mix the mixture before use for a day in a dark closed container.

A home remedy with a variety of cosmetics with collagen, cocoa butter or elastin is a good and rather pleasant remedy for stretch marks. Turn in the film and wrap yourself in a warm blanket. Lie so for a while.

Quick results can be achieved by contacting specialized salons, where the course of cold and hot wraps is carried out with therapeutic muds, gels, algae and other medicinal herbs. They offer other methods of getting rid of stretch marks: laser resurfacing, mesotherapy, ozone-oxygen therapy, ultrasound correction, anti-cellulite massage.

For rough stretches, chemical peeling with phenolic, triacetate, and alpha hydroxy acid helps. Under their influence, deep layers of the epidermis are burned, and strias themselves disappear with them.

In extremely severe cases with stretch marks resort to surgical intervention – abdominoplasty. This method allows you to remove excess skin and fat deposits, during which disappear and stretch.

Remember that stretch marks on the body – serious skin damage, for the restoration of which can go not only months, but also years of hard work on themselves. Regularity and constancy are the main secret of success in getting rid of unwanted striae.

I would like to add that although plastic surgery is an effective method, but like all surgical interventions, there are a number of contraindications and the possibility of developing postoperative complications. Therefore, it is better not to resort to such a radical method of removing stretch marks on the body, it is better to get rid of them by the aforementioned folk remedies or in specialized beauty salons.

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