Revision in the cosmetic bag

Revision in the cosmetic bag

To start, we throw out all the funds with expired shelf life, everything that is broken and leaked. Get rid of old, worn out makeup brushes. Do not forget that the brush should be washed at least once a month with warm water, adding a little liquid soap or detergent to the face. But sponge it is better to buy new ones.

Few women know that mascara needs to be thrown out after 90 days. The problem is not only that after three months it dries, late-onset mascara can cause allergies or conjunctivitis.

Lipstick shelf life is two to three years. As the lipstick is used, wax dries up in it, the vegetable oils are throttled, and the water evaporates. Result: the lipstick lies unevenly and can cause irritation of the sensitive skin of the lips.

The shelf life of all creams in jars is rapidly declining, immediately after they are used. After opening the jar we touch a gentle emulsion, and the cream becomes a favorable medium for the growth of microorganisms, including pathogens. Therefore, give preference to creams with a dispenser.

The lacquer for hair is the champion of longevity among cosmetic products. High-quality varnish can be stored for up to 5 years.

Shampoo properties change with time. Use of expired detergents for hair can cause allergies or dry dandruff. Shampoo meets its standards for no more than three years.

Lip pencil is also individual, like a toothbrush. Shelf life of contour pencils for the lips, eyes, eyebrows – no more than one and a half years.

All sunscreen products can only be used for one season. An overdue product may cause an allergic reaction or a sunburn.

After the revision is over, carefully look at what you have left in stock and what make-up went into the scrap. So you can understand what means you really use often, and which ones are a waste of money. It is necessary to carry out such an audit once or twice a year.

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