Rich and single: the most enviable suitors of the world.

The world`s richest bachelors – princes and billionaires are not in a hurry to part with their freedom. Therefore, almost every woman has a chance to”ring” one of the enviable suitors. But girls should hurry, out of a thousand billionaires only 120 have never been married, divorced or widowed. And every year the number of single wealthy people decreases.

Rich and single: the most enviable suitors of the world.

      The list of enviable suitors is headed by 30-year-old Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed. His fortune is estimated at $ 20 billion. The crown prince of the ruler of the UAE is very good, is fond of poetry and equestrian sport and even has a gold medal in the Asian sports Olympiad. This enviable groom lives in Dubai and feels well in the chair of the head of the Dubai Executive Council.

The second place is occupied by a young American businessman Dustin Moskovitz. One of the founders of the social network Facebook has in its assets 3 billion dollars and is the youngest billionaire in the world. He is 28, he is handsome, intelligent and rich, and most importantly he is single. But it`s necessary to hurry, they say that the young rich man has a constant friend.

One of the most coveted bachelors of the British kingdom after the marriage of his brother, Prince William, was Prince Harry – the youngest son of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Very bright and interesting young man, in addition to financial security and a long pedigree, has a cheerful and friendly character. After he broke up with his girlfriend a few years ago, his heart is absolutely free.

Another wealthy representative of the royal family is Prince Carl Philipp. The Swedish prince has an extraordinary appearance, artistic taste and wealth of his noble ancestors. He is 31 years old, he is a designer, racing driver and heir to the Swedish throne. The chic handsome man after the quarrel with his next passion is considered the most enviable young bridegroom of Sweden and is among the twenty richest bachelors of the world.

The top five of the coveted suitors close the beautiful prince with an angelic appearance. Andrea Casiraghi is a young heir to the kingdom of Monaco. His hobbies are football, dancing, skiing and horse riding.”Fairy-tale prince” – this is the name of Casiraghi of the fair sex not only in his native country, but throughout the world. Along with impeccable facial features, sports figure and stunning charm, the young man is surprisingly modest and romantic.

Not the last place among rich suitors and Russian businessman Roman Abramovich. Of course, he is not as young as the previous candidates, but he can rightly be considered one of the wealthiest suitors of the world. The former governor of Chukotka is a billionaire, the owner of his own football club, a whole fleet of yachts and a huge number of houses and dachas.

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