Rich Holiday with Rich Crystal

The new designer bottle Rich Rich will perfectly complement your New Year image and decorate the holiday party. The unique taste of Rich Juice in a bottle of Karim Rashid design guru has already been appreciated by Russian consumers: the bottle Rich Rich is awarded with the prestigious award Innovative product of the year – 2017.

A juicy feast with Rich Crystal


To emphasize the multi-faceted taste of the juice, the Rich brand in collaboration with the famous designer has developed special filing rules that change the traditional idea of ​​juice. Karim Rashid is a trend-setter of modern industrial design and author of the style of”sensual minimalism”. Inspired by the ice crystal, perfect in its simplicity and grace of sparkling facets, he created the perfect shape for the delicious taste of Rich Juice. A glass bottle glittering like a crystal, decorated with a bright straw, slices of fresh fruit, mint and spices, perfectly completes the trend image.

– Coming to a restaurant, I want to enjoy every second. I want to feel like
in a special way and at the same time look stylish. This is exactly what happens when you serve juice in a bottle of Rich Crystal. For me and in work, and in life, and in my image, every detail is important,”Karim Rashid said. – Starting work on Rich Crystal, I was thinking about the simple things that we come across every day. Details – that`s what you need to pay attention to, they can change everything in a split second and make you see the world in a new light.

As a result of Rich`s creative collaboration and the legendary designer, a product was born that truly inspires. Today Rich sets the trend, and this is confirmed by the results of the prestigious national competition Innovative Product of the Year – 2017, where the brand was recognized as the best in the nomination”Juices / Nectars for a New Stylish Design Packaging” based on expert selection and consumer vote.

Rich Crystal is a stylish solution for a New Year`s party in cafes, bars and restaurants: visitors receive juice in a sophisticated design with a signature feed designed specifically for Rich Crystal. By combining the author`s form and the ideal pitch, the aesthetics of Rich Crystal in a new way reveals the facets of the unique taste of Rich Juice. Now it`s not just an unnamed juice in a faceless glass, but an exquisite drink, the taste and flow of which is guaranteed by the brand Rich.

Rich Crystal – #competitive season season

About the”Innovative Product of the Year” Award

“Innovative Product of the Year” is the world`s largest innovation competition in the production of products, established 29 years ago in France. The winners are chosen by the consumers themselves. In Russia, the award is awarded to products that have successfully passed expert selection and won the popular vote. The”Innovative Product of the Year” sign means that over 3,000 consumers throughout the country voted for the product.

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