Rihanna unveiled her first collection of cosmetics

Rihanna introduced her first collection of cosmetics


Two days before the fashion show Fenty x Puma, a joint collection of Rihanna and a sports brand, the singer presented her debut collection of decorative cosmetics under the brand Fenty Beauty. The presentation took place at the Sephora store in Times Square, where Rihanna personally sold the money from the new line to the first customer.

At the start, the collection consisted mainly of products for contouring: a wide range of tonal means, blush, crumbly and liquid haylaytery, brushes, sponge and matting napkins. Completes the complex facial sculpting of the sandy lip gloss with the effect of moist lips. The cost of Fenty Beauty, which can already be bought on the Sephora network and on the brand`s website, ranges from $ 10 to $ 54.


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